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Are you having a building constructed in Whittier CA? Is it that time of the year when you retrofit your current house? Is your roof causing you unwanted troubles or not giving your house the look it deserves? Are you conflicted on which one of the Whittier Roofing companies to trust with your building roofing? Gonzalez Roofing INC is your most dependable choice as far as roofing companies are concerned.

Getting professional roofing services in Whittier for your building is affordable and easy to come by. At Gonzalez Roofing INC, our roofers in Whittier provide the best quality roof service comparable with the best anywhere across the country.

The roof of a building serves a lot of functions. Which is why it is important to have a professional roofing company install your roofing. If it is repairs you are making on the existing one, it is even more important to have experts handle the job.

As some of these functions will be highlighted here, you will realize the necessity of having a professionally installed roof above your head.

What Our Professional Roofing Service Includes?

At Gonzalez Roofing INC, we provide a very wide range of roofing services across Whittier CA and its environs. Call us to request any of the following services for your roofing. These services include:

Residential roofing and commercial roofing services, roof maintenance, roof repairs, and other roofing solutions that might be required by your roofing.


Services provided for the roofing of residential buildings vary depending on what you need for your building. However, a list of these services will include but is not limited to; tear-offs, shingles, reroofing, installation of attic fans, skylight, e.t.c. Our roofing materials are from a wide range of manufacturers, so, only the top quality ones suited for your building’s roofing type are used for your building.


Our roofers in Whittier provide commercial roofing services that include reroofing, the complete repair of the building roof, and other necessary roof maintenance needed. Minor repairs and maintenances are also carried out. It all depends on the roofing services that your building is in need of.


There are roofing services solution not included in the residential and commercial services that your building might require.

These services are provided by Gonzalez Roofing INC and they include:

  1. Roofing Repairs
  2. Shingle Removal
  3. Roofing Installation
  4. Reroofing Services
  5. Repairs to Termite Damage
  6. Roofing Replacement
  7. Ventilation Services
  8. Installation of Fire-Retardant Roof, e.t.c.


Why is it  important to have the best roofers in Whittier CA?

As earlier mentioned, roofing provides quite a range of functions. Of course the most obvious and basic function of a roof is to provide protection for the occupants of a house from the elements. Wind, sun, rain etc are outside elements that we seek protection against by constructing roofing over buildings. The efforts of going through this will be pointless if the roofing of a building doesn’t offer you the basic protection you need. Gonzalez Roofing INC, as one of the top roofing contractors in Whittier CA, provides top quality roofing service that offers this basic protection.

Another function of roofing that is important to watch out for is what it adds to the aesthetics of the building. The shape of a roof affects the style and outlook of a house. When you contact professional roofers in Whittier, be sure to ask them about the shape of roof that is suited to what you want your building to look like. Explore the roof types and styles offered to find what you prefer. Some of the types of roof that are most common include the mansard, Gable, flat, skillion, butterfly, pyramid, dome, curved, or a combination of two or more types of the above-mentioned styles. At Gonzalez Roofing INC, the diagrams of these styles will be available to you and the architecture explained.

With roofs, you can create extra space to live in or put your stuff in. Depending on the type, style and construction of the roof, the roofing of your home can be exploited to give additional space.

Also, Gonzalez Roofing INC should come to your mind every time you think of roofing services as we provide warranties for every roof installation service we execute. Only the best roofers in Whittier can offer this. This is because our top notch service rendered will end up satisfying you and we want you to rest assured that any repair your roof needs within the warranty period will be fixed by the company depending on the terms and conditions of the warranty. What else are you waiting for? Contact us today.


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