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Gonzalez Roofing INC is the leading roofing contractor in Redondo Beach CA, specializing in a wide range of roofing services. We offer reliable and affordable roof installation, replacement, repair, maintenance and inspection services in the Redondo Beach area.

With a team of experienced roofers and the use of high-quality materials, we have completed a large number of residential and commercial projects throughout the city and beyond. If you have any projects or questions, contact us.  Our friendly roofing experts are ready to discuss with you.


Roof Repair Professionals

Our roofing experts are certified and have extensive knowledge of various roofing systems. We have full trust in the reliability and durability of our work. As a result, we cover all Redondo Beach roofing installations with full warranty.

We are also passionate about our customers, which is why we pay special attention to their needs. Whatever your roofing needs are, you can rest assured of quality services completed on time and within budget.


Roof Inspection and Maintenance Services

Whether you need routine roof inspection services or want to evaluate a problem, our men will perform a thorough job. A regular inspection once in three years can help you detect minor issues before they worsen. Our team can also give you a professional report on the best way to solve your roofing challenges. If the roof needs a repair or replacement, we can provide a quick estimate and commence work immediately.


Customized Roof Replacement

Even after years of regular maintenance, you will need to replace your roof. We often recommend that if your roof needs large-scale repair, a replacement is more cost-effective. Our replacement involves the selection of the best roofing materials suitable for your budget and Redondo Beach building. With a full warranty, you have nothing to worry about.


New Roof Installation

We know roof installations are huge investments in Redondo Beach. This is why we make use of the best roofing materials to provide a long-lasting roof. From assessment to installation, our roofers will work with you, architects and other professionals to ensure the best services. Whatever the roofing style you want, you can trust Gonzalez Roofing INC for the best roof installation.


Roof Repair Services

We offer a variety of roof repair services, from fixing damaged shingles and leaking roofs to tile replacement. Damaged roofs are an eyesore to a home. If not quickly repaired, they can worsen and cause more problems. Luckily, our roofing experts can detect and fix any roofing problems. We also provide emergency roof repair so we can be in your Redondo Beach home for a quick service immediately you contact us.

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